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Coveted Forge

Australian SMG Infantry | WW2 Pacific | Kyoushuneko

Australian SMG Infantry | WW2 Pacific | Kyoushuneko

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These beautiful 3D Printed miniatures are suitable for any tabletop war gaming or RPG. The listed price is for a single set of 28mm models. We will happily provide custom scaled models if you would prefer another size - just send us a message for a price quote!

Bases are not included, but we have a wide range of high quality premium bases available for purchase with your order (see here):

We print exclusively:
-in high quality (12K) resin with tenacious additives to make the product more durable
-with meticulously, manual supporting to ensure smooth surfaces
-with thorough cleaning, and curing to ensure your produce is safe and ready for assembly, priming, and painting

Please note that while some of the models we offer are a single piece, others will require some assembly. Message us if you would like to know if a particular model requires assembly.

If you would like a full custom printed army for wargaming please contact us. We will be happy to create a custom order for you and provide bulk pricing for all models which we have licenses to print.


We are licensed to sell physical prints of Kyoushuneko Miniatures.

Materials: Resin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
William Pittman
Australian Pacific Infantry

Excellent figures! Fine detail and with excellent manufacturing techniques. Good team to buy from!

Will do business again! Great detail!

Will do business again! Great detail!

Shane Rivera
Fantastic! But not for anything Warhammer!

To start off, these models are really wonderful, the design has great depth, they're all in unique poses. And coveted Forge did a great job printing them out as they are shown, there was a few supports and rough bits across each model (also one of the Owen gun barrels on the SMG infantry was broken off and missing. Cant be helped). But that's literally not an issue, the entire fun of this hobby is from building the models!

But that's where my own issues start. I got these, and as soon as I took the models out, I felt instant soul bittering disappointment. The models are small and scrawny! I ordered 28mm scale, because my goal was to kit bash these models with Warhammer 40k Guardsmen, in order to make a really unique unit. While I understand W40K models are heroic scale, the pictures shown on the Product page looked to be heroic scale.

I feel that more reference pictures should be used for the products.

So they are just way too small to kit bash with W40K models, and they are completely Pre-Assembled. Which is something i really wish was stated CLEARLY on the Description of these items (The Australian SMG's, Rifles, and SL). Because assembling models is really just part of the fun.

To sum it up.

-They are fantastically modeled. - 5/5
-They are very well printed! -5/5
-Shipping was swift and with tracking. -5/5
-The packaging was effective and professional. 5/5
-The models are too small to kit bash with other 28mm scale models -0/5
-The Description of these models did not clearly describe whether they come assembled or not. -0/5

I really wanted to kit bash these and play them in 40K, but I suppose they will just be fun to paint as they are.

My main criticism is that CF should really flush out the descriptions better. with more pictures of the actual physical product sizes. Which would have allowed me to make a custom order to get the size I wanted.

Four stars, because most of the issue just comes from not knowing what the actual product is going to be like. The product itself is high quality.