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Graveyard Bases (Square) | 8K Resin | Txarli Factory

Graveyard Bases (Square) | 8K Resin | Txarli Factory

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Buy 100+ bases and get 20% off.

Don't forget bases!

These 8k resin printed bases can give your models the pop they deserve!

We provide full bases as well as 'toppers', which are thin enough to be glued on top of existing bases. All of our full bases have holes for 5x1mm magnets.

We will happily provide custom scaled bases if you would prefer another size - just send us a message for a price quote!

We print exclusively:
-in high quality (8K) resin with tenacious additives to make the product more durable
-with meticulously, manual supporting to ensure smooth surfaces
-with thorough cleaning, and curing to ensure your produce is safe and ready for assembly, priming, and painting


We are a licensed printer of Txarli Factory.


Resin - Navy Grey
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Customer Reviews

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Great product. Perfect cavalry topper for...

Great product. Perfect cavalry topper for my war hammer Hex Wraiths.