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Beautiful miniatures, and high quality

- High quality materials.
- Very good quality.
- Quality materials (resin).
- Very good customer service.


Loved this item !!!! Great detail and price was reasonable ! Shipping notifications were timely.

Good Stuff

As described, really good for kit-bashing and practicing painting.

Good design but disappointing execution

This is a great creative idea model. But, it comes in a lot of small pieces and must be very hard to print and organize as my delivery was missing pieces both times I ordered it. It is also sized a bit larger than the other models of the same scale.

Works really well with Tomb Kings

Fits in really well with the rest of the Tomb King army considering there's not many options for mounted character models.

Great little kitties

Painting them up right now. Loving the Sabertusks.

Native American Villager

Native American Villager - Well Coveted Forge has done it again and keeps on doing it and this is one of the best prints I have seen. An excellent model with details on point. I have been eagerly awaiting this model. Professionals that it is hard to believe can get better, but they do. Customer service is excellent, and Coveted Forge has the attitude that is nothing but the best. Most highly recommended for sure.

Native American Warriors

Native American Warriors - You can see and with dealing with Coveted Forge there is 100% Pride and Professionalism. Coveted Forge can Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. Well detailed once completed with a paint job it will be a fantastic display piece. Coveted Forge packs their products in a way that is one of the best I have ever seen. Nothing can get broken during shipping. Definitely Coveted Forge is highly recommended! Go through Coveted Forge catalogue for one can find something that they will have, and you will definitely get the best once they produce it.

Native American Chief's Daughter

Native American Chief's Daughter - Coveted Forge did a fabulous job on these custom-made models, Truly Professionally done. Magnificent and greatly detailed. If you want models that is challenging and a work of art that can be placed anywhere for display. I highly recommend Coveted Forge, check out their catalogue you will surely find something that you will not be able to pass up. Talk to Coveted Forge and you can get enlargements and just the best bang for the buck. Highly recommend Coveted Forge for your models and miniatures you will not be disappointed.

Ogre Hunter

Miniature came in quick, And it looks great. Can’t wait to start Painting it. I’m going to use it as a hired sword in Mordheim. All & all, Very satisfied with my purchase

Egyptian Queen

Beautiful model and very pleased

The quality of these miniatures is great. I have already told others of the quality and they are placing orders . I will also ordering again..

Tons of Paint but I love it

Loved this guy. He is HUGE and I am not even done painting him yet. By no means am I an expert painter but I am having a blast painting all the figures from Coveted Forge. Here is a pic of just what I have painted so far.

Great models!

Crisp and clean. No cleanup. Great seller!

Ghoul is cool!

This is a great mini! The detail and construction are awesome!

Great detail

I love the detail on this miniature. He will be great for my Frostgrave band.

Arabian Wizard with Parrot | Araby| Resin 3D

A well don 3d print that was well priced and well delivered. It will be the conjuror on my Arabian Ranger team for rangers of Shadow Deep.

frozen landscape doubles for a broken rocky desert tile

I coated these with Vallejo sand effects goo for a very nice desert bases for my bloodletter unit. The figures fit very well. The prints were clean and ready to go to the paint shed right out of the very well packed box. I will defintely use Coveted Forge's services again in the future.

AEW w/javelins

Excellent models, well detailed.

Panthers w/riders

Shipment came in right on time, the models were protected very well and none were broke, excellent detail

Great mini, fits in well with TOW.

Couldn’t ask for better, fast shipping and great looking mini.

Amazing prints

I'm so stoked at the amazing quality of these bases and as a nice bonus, ended up with a few more bases than I'd bought. I'll definitely buy from Coveted Forge again soon.