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Box of Shame - Misprints for Kitbashing, Greenstuffing, and Bits

Box of Shame - Misprints for Kitbashing, Greenstuffing, and Bits

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Misprints happen. When they do, we don't send them out to our customers... unless they ask for them! We hate to just toss them in the trash, especially when a little greenstuff can fix everything right up.

Our misprints are in various scales, ranging from 28mm up to 120mm. We charge by unpacked weight and carefully pack everything to ensure it doesn't get more broken. Quality varies from near-perfect to relatively rough looking.

A note about the 6 lb. 54mm Military listing. We had a few orders with 54mm WW2 / Dieselpunk items. There are tons of plane wings, tank hulls, mechanized infantry, etc. These models are heavy, so we're offering them at a much steeper discount but larger quantity than our normal box of shame. If this is something you're interested but 6 lbs. is too much for your needs, let us know and we'll work with you. Each 6 lb. box is packed full with 10" x 8" x 6" dimensions. So it's a lot of stuff!

The included photos are various examples of misprints we've had for reference.

No refunds or returns. No requests. If you want something for bits or kitbashing specific, contact us and we see how we can help.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews

For “misprints” highest quality they do amazing work


Large variety of pieces. Misprints aren't terrible...most are workable or at least kitbashable. Perfect purchase! Packing was superb. Everything was secure! Thank you!!


Liked the product was a bit repetitive tho got like three of the same horse broken in the same way pretty much. Still good tho. Used this broken demon thing to make a chaos statue.


There are a lot of useful parts in this lot, good buy!

Good Stuff

As described, really good for kit-bashing and practicing painting.


The items were pretty good quality for being misprints, they're great for kit-bashing and also great for beginners if you want to practice painting without stress of messing up the mini.


The models were fantastic, mostly fantasy themed stuff, some really high quality stuff. Going to continue purchasing for sure


Thanks for the awesome selection!! Going to have fun modifying minis


I purchased the 1lb box. I found about 1/3 to be usable as is. 1/3 usable with a little work and the final 1/3 either useless or I will really have to think about how to use it is terrain etc. Overall it is exactly what it says, a box of castoffs. I have bought these kinds of boxes quite often sometimes everything is great sometimes it isn't. Sculpts are great, product is great just going to have to put the old thinking cap on.


Everything arrived very quickly and in good condition. Despite these being labelled as misprints many seemed potentially usable or had only minor damage; the three bases I did receive were detailed and unwarped.
The contents themselves consisted of a mix of three or four different themes, with a few outliers, and there were a handful of models for each theme. The biggest model in the set, which took up a decent amount of space, was a 75mm dryad model, with two separate copies with minor imperfections and a few missing parts. Considering it's one of the bulkier and heavier models in the lot I received, I really would have rather gotten only one at most; the biggest model was also the only duplicate. Overall, a good selection of fairly interesting bits and models.