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High Elf Starter Army (35 models!) | Batallion Box | Resin 3D Printed Miniatures | Kyoushuneko |

High Elf Starter Army (35 models!) | Batallion Box | Resin 3D Printed Miniatures | Kyoushuneko |

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The following models are all included!
*** 1x High Elf Prince with Sword & Shield ***
*** 20x High Elf Spearmen with Full Command ***
*** 10x High Elf Bowmen ***
*** 1x High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower with 3x Crew***

These beautiful 3D Printed miniatures are suitable for any tabletop war gaming or RPG.

Please note that this scale is measured from the feet to the top of the head.
* 28mm scale is a great fit for older era (5th/6th) editions of Warhammer, Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game.
* 32mm is a great fit for newer era (7th/8th) editions of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, and most RPGs.

Bases are not included, but we have a wide range of high quality premium bases available for purchase with your order (see here):

Introducing the High Elf Starter Kit for Warhammer Armies Project, an essential bundle designed to kickstart your High Elf army with precision and elegance. This comprehensive set combines tactical versatility with striking aesthetics, providing everything you need to establish a formidable force on the battlefield.

Included in this starter kit are:

20x High Elf Spearmen: Forming the backbone of your army, these highly disciplined warriors are armed with gleaming spears and shields. Their unwavering resolve and exceptional combat skills make them a formidable force against both infantry and cavalry units. These Spearmen are meticulously crafted with intricate details, capturing the regal and noble essence of the High Elf race.

10x High Elf Archers: Masters of marksmanship, the High Elf Archers bring deadly accuracy to your army. Armed with their trusty longbows, they rain down a hail of arrows upon their enemies from a safe distance. Whether holding key positions or providing supporting fire, these archers offer valuable ranged support and versatility on the battlefield.

1x Repeater Bolt Thrower: This powerful war machine is a testament to High Elf engineering prowess. The Repeater Bolt Thrower unleashes a devastating barrage of bolts, capable of decimating enemy ranks or piercing through heavily armored targets. With its adjustable firing angles and superior range, it adds a formidable long-range punch to your arsenal.

1x High Elf Noble with Sword and Shield: Lead your High Elf forces with this distinguished Noble. Clad in ornate armor and wielding a finely crafted sword and shield, the Noble exemplifies grace and prowess in battle. With exceptional combat skills and inspiring leadership, this commanding figure motivates nearby troops, ensuring they fight with unwavering loyalty and determination.

Each component of this starter kit is expertly sculpted and made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and superb detail.

Whether you're a seasoned Warhammer player or just starting your journey into the realm of tabletop battles, the High Elf Starter Kit for Warhammer Armies Project is an excellent choice to create a formidable High Elf force. Unleash the might and elegance of the High Elves upon your enemies and forge your path to victory on the Warhammer battlefield.
We will happily provide custom scaled models if you would prefer another size - just send us a message for a price quote! If you would like a full custom printed army for wargaming please contact us. We will be happy to create a custom order for you and provide bulk pricing for all models which we have licenses to print.

We print exclusively:
-in high quality (8K) resin with tenacious additives to make the product more durable
-with meticulously, manual supporting to ensure smooth surfaces
-with thorough cleaning, and curing to ensure your produce is safe and ready for assembly, priming, and painting


We are licensed to sell physical prints of Kyoushuneko Miniatures.

Materials: Resin.

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